HOWL’s Bots

K-5 crews at City View are thinking about our HOWL’s – Integrity, Perseverance, Excellence, Compassion, and our current HOWL focus: Collaboration!

Inspired by Gary Hirsch, a Portland area artist, and his Joy Bot mission, City View students thought about a HOWL’s goal for themselves this year, and created a little robot character to help them keep trying, remember to take care of others, or make compromises to work together.

Keep a look out for these motivational bots; we made them like suncatchers to post in windows around City View!

-Ms. Shannon

2nd Grade Clay Project

The second graders are doing a clay project! They are working on how to use the element of form to make a 3D crystal project, and how to create realistic texture for their crystal. All the students are loving this project and we are all having a lot of fun with it. Next week they will be painting their crystals. Photo May 03, 10 54 46 AM

2nd And 3rd Grade Crystal Projects

Photo Apr 24, 11 02 54 AMPhoto Apr 24, 11 02 28 AMPhoto Apr 24, 11 05 16 AMPhoto Apr 24, 11 05 11 AMPhoto Apr 24, 11 03 24 AM LT: I can use shading and blending to draw a 3D crystal.

The 2nd and 3rd grade kids made 3D crystals and had a fun time making them. This project was to show them how to  get better at blending  for a more clean look and how to shade to show texture.

BY: Maya and Beyonce

4th Grade Art Show at Hillsboro Library

The 4th grade crew has completed their Oregon White Oak mural painting! It will be displayed at the Main Branch of the Hillsboro Library until the end of May.

To create their work, students studied the work of Georgia O’Keeffe, and learned about color theory. We chose a rectangle color scheme for the painting, to coordinate the work. Then, students learned how to add dimension and texture to their painting with shadows and patterns.

The resulting work is gorgeous and can be found in the children’s section of the library! Come check it out!

-Ms. Shannon

5th Grade Human Rights Posters!

photo-jan-09-8-50-35-amphoto-jan-09-8-50-45-amphoto-jan-09-8-51-46-amphoto-jan-09-8-52-59-amRecently the 5th graders crew were learning about UDHR  (universal declaration of human rights)

The fifth grade crew made posters about a human right they cared about they have been having fun with this project and have made these posters with passion. They used visual communications and clear fonts.

Sincerely  Beyonce and Maya


4th Grade Botanical Drawings

Students are just beginning working on step by step drawings.  They will use the knowledge later with acrylic paintings. Here are some pictures of them working on the project. The 4th grade crew did an amazing job with their art work.

This has been a fun project to do and will continue to be!

-Maya, Beyonce, and the 4th grade crew

Freedom with color

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“Look at this color!”

“I mixed this one, and this one, and all of the colors together and this is what it made!”

-First Grade Color Explorers

The Kinder and 1st grade crews are learning through their senses about their communties. We are making self portraits in art, and thinking about what colors represent us…and then finding the “recipes” to blend them. This year, the crews are taking turns with some free form watercolor design for our classroom tablecloths! It’s first grade’s turn this week…

Hope your student led conference week is filled with exploration, light and color!

-Ms. Shannon and First Grade Crew


New Beginnings and Original Art

We’re kicking off 2016-2017 at City View with color, creativity, and fun! Students are beginning their original art projects, an opportunity for them to express part of who they are through the language of art. We’re talking about composition, line and shape families, patterns, and how to “tell a story” with the details in our artwork.

This year, we will be exploring everything from bridge building to botanical drawing to filmaking! Students have already been doing some impressive, high quality work for their original art, and I can’t wait to see where it takes them 🙂

Thanks for reading. Keep checking back with us!

Ms. Shannon