Wolves: Middle School Art Show

The middle school students at City View are proud to present their show, Wolves, displayed for the month of May at Insomnia Coffee’s Baseline location!

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Our class had a bunch of materials that we used during this project including, charcoal, ink pens, paint, ink, print making blocks, etc. To print make you need a print making block, a light piece of carbon paper and a ball point pen to draw on the paper and over the block. Then add any color of ink to make a print on a thick piece of paper.


Credits: Elias, Ali, and Ms. Shannon

Photo Credits: Erik and Brennan

5th Grade Space Quest Comics

fifth grade comics 041

The 5th graders are working on a space quest comic. That includes conflict and peaceful resolutions. They used dialogue and illustrations that are understandable and neat.

-Art Interns Elias and Ali

Photo Credits: Elias, Ali, Erik, and Brennan

Making 3 dimensonal shapes out of cardboard and duct tape

The middle school students are trying to make 3 dimensional shapes in honor of Aakash Nihalani. They used glue dots to hang up the designs around the school. First they drew their design on cardboard. Then they used thin and thick tape to make the design. Then they cut the design out with scissors and box cutters.

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Reporters: Erik and Brennan

Photo credits: 6th 7th 8th grade classes

Choice Day for 4th Grade


4th Grade Choice Day 012
Fun with watercolors.

Fourth grade recently had a fun choice day. Painting with watercolors makes Fourth grade happy. With other choices such as origami, free draw and many more, choice day is a fun day to reward them for being good in previous classes, and to let their limits disappear. Also it lets them have fun and talk to their friends.

-Art interns,  Erik and Brennan

-Photo credits to art interns, Ali and Elias

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